Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New Beauty Buys

I realise that it's been a while since my last post and time has flown by so quickly once again.  I'm currently on vacation across the pond and aside from reality TV overload, great weather and the odd biblical thunderstorm I am thoroughly enjoying taking time out.  

I have made some great beauty discoveries recently, some of which I am yet to try and others which are tried and tested recommendations, take a look below:

Too Faced Peach Leopard Bronzer £22
I bought this about a year ago and until recently I hadn't used it, it's one of my highly recommended products whilst on holiday, it's natural, light and the perfect substitute for blusher in warmer climes.  

Sally Hanson Nail Wraps $10 from Walgreens Unfortunately these aren't availably in the UK yet and I haven't tried them but most blogs say they're long lasting, easy to apply and come off easily with nail polish remover. 

This is the pattern I went for - I love how each nail is different, shall keep you posted on how these worked out. 
17 Magnetic Nail Polish £5.99 from Boots
Keeping with the nail theme I had to include magnetic nail polish because even after you get over the initial novelty factor of the magnetic effect you can't help staring at your nails for days afterwards.  The colours are all metallic for obvious reasons but I particularly liked the blue in this collection.
Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil, £26.50 125ml.
 I have been a fan of Kiehl's for years now, it seems to be the only thing that's delicate enough to suit my skin whilst doing exactly what it says on the bottle.  This product is multipurpose and can be used on skin and hair - the oil isn't too heavy and 1 bottle should last about 6 months.

I'd love to hear about your beauty essentials and won't leave it so long til my next post.