Friday, 18 January 2013

First post of 2013

I realise it's been a while since my last post, time ran away with me again and at the expense of sounding like everyone else (and slightly older then my years) it's shocking that we're now in 2013.  

Lately I've been trying to catch up with the digital world, I registered with Pinterest and Tubberfly Vintage now has an online shop on (  which is quickly becoming my favourite website.  In light of some major British stores going into administration recently I thought I should keep up with my web presence.  

Since browsing the net for inspiration whether it be for 'pin it' on Pinterest or just casual time wasting I came across some amazing 'things', for want of a better word, I could not categorise my finds so 'things' it shall be.  

The problem with browsing on Etsy is that you could end up buying a different phone cover for each day of the week but I absolutely love this one - pretty, colourful and vintage

This is the tiniest oxidised silver heart necklace - I really love how delicate and mechanical it looks.

Alice in Wonderland themed print - this a popular printing process where a digital graphic in printed on an old book page - juxtaposition at it's best. 

I came across this photo and loved the dewy treatment that makes it look like you're in a dream, I also like the way you can't tell what season it is.  

I just love this cause I love cake - simples!

I'd love to see your Pinterest boards or just your lookbooks of 'things'. 

I won't leave it so long for the next post