Thursday, 7 June 2012

Best of British

I know most of the UK readers will be enjoying their short working week after the long Jubilee weekend despite the gloomy weather.  I am grateful to chill out a little this evening after a busy weekend in London where I am proud to say I saw a glimpse of the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge aboard the Diamond Jubilee barge.  

In keeping with patriotism I thought it would be fitting to celebrate all things British by giving you my 'Best of British' list especially when over the past decade or so we've seen some great British brands disappear (I still miss Woolworths).  

I know I've mentioned before that one of my favourite stores is All Saints and although I agree with many people that the store is overpriced and their clothes do tend to be on the dark side (in a literal sense) I cannot fault the quality, they wash well and keep their shape and always look timeless.  

People who know me will tell you how obsessed I am with painted nails, I cannot bare to have bare nails so I tend to paint my nails twice a week which also includes a colour change.  I have probably tried and tested over 30 different brands of nail polish from Chanel to Sally Hansen and can honestly say that my favourite brand has to be Barry M.  It's very affordable retailing at just £2.99 and it's a dream to apply, I would highly recommend their 2 in 1 base and top coat as it gives an ultra shiny professional finish.  

Gorgeous selection of shades

I had to include food in my 'best of british' list for obvious reasons really; I love food and I especially love sweet food which is why it would be rude not to include Jaffa Cakes on this list.  I appreciate that there are some amazing British foods out there but for me Jaffa Cakes are pretty special as there's nothing quite like them - is it a cake or is it a biscuit??? (the debate continues).  

Would love to know about your country's best brands and whether there are British brands that you can't live without.