Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Highlights of the summer!

It's been an unpredictable summer this year mainly because of the cyclical weather which has had us Brits wondering what to wear most days (tough life isn't it).  With most of the nation swept up by the London 2012 Olympics thankfully people have had better things to talk about than how rubbish the weather has been.  

It's been a busy couple of months for me and so I thought I'd show you the highlights of my summer so far, please bare in mind that my highlights are full of random things I've done, seen and appreciated which for me have been pretty exciting (even if it is the odd homage to celebrity style).  

It's not often I've watched a film which has made me laugh out loud (since watching Bridesmaids actually) but Ted was hilarious.  A must watch for anyone with a stupid and shallow sense of humour.  

I am currently training for a half marathon and could not recommend Mizuno trainers more.  I bought the Wave Rider 15 (shown below) as I was experiencing runners knee and could not recommend them more.  I am running regularly now and the trainers not only look funky they have great cushioning and are ridiculously comfortable.

I've visited the big smoke several times this summer and most recently had a reunion with some friends a month ago.  London is in my top 5 favourite cities in the world (I have many more to explore of course) but I love the buzz, the choice and style of city.  This is a lovely photo taken and stylised by my BFF!!

Okay so fashion had to feature somewhere here and where better to start then with my favourite Dawson's Creek co-star - Joshua Jackson, he looks amazing here with Diane Kruger.  I am not a fan of his and her outfits but here their attire is simple and stylish. 

I have lived close to Birmingham for most of my life and only recently discovered the IKON gallery in the city centre (yes I want to kick myself).  The gallery is set in a beautiful neo- gothic building and showcases different media including photographs, paintings and film, not to mention its awesome bookshop and amazing cafe - will definitely be visiting again.  

I also visited Edinburgh's Fringe Festival last weekend for the first time and was absolutely amazed by how a beautiful, picturesque city can be even more buzzing during this festival.  The city was alive with creativity and thousands of performances to choose from - it's definitely in the calendar as an annual event now.  


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  1. Nice blog.... Your blogs are not only refreshing but revitalising so we always follow them and look forward to your new ones.
    Only problem is they are infrequent but then sounds like you lead a very hectic life so that has to be the case.
    Keep them coming (when you can) !