Sunday, 22 May 2011

Summer Summer Summer Time....

Summer is fast approaching and I jet off to the states in about 4 weeks which I am very much looking forward to, don't worry I shall technically still be working so expect lots of blog posts from across the pond.  I am also pleased to say that the Tubberfly Vintage website is coming along ready to launch in June now (fingers crossed) - so please keep your eyes peeled for updates. 

Having frequented quite a few beauty counters recently and with all the summer limited editions hitting the stores around about now I thought I'd do my very own 'Top Picks For The Summer'. 

Amazing Concealer - A product highly recommended from my mother who swears it covers all imperfections all day and provides full yet natural coverage. 

I probably have the whole Barry M collection but my favourite for the summer has to be Coral - it's bright with high pigment, a professional finish and lasts 7 days.

If like me you want that newly washed hair feeling everyday without having to wash it daily then Batiste Dry Shampoo works wonders, I put it on overnight to avoid the 'grey hair' look you often get with it.

I have been addicted to these for years, unfortunately the click sticks aren't available in the UK so I get bulk supplies from the US.  Guaranteed lip conditioner and perfect primer for lipstick. 

Limited Edition Cherry Blossom leaves a gorgeous floral scent even after a few hours of wear.  Delicate florals and very feminine.

Nars Limted Edition Blush Bronzer Trio - All my favourite Nars blusher products in one compact - Orgasm, Albatross and a highlighter  

Righteous Body Butter - Aside from the amazing smell this is an impressive non greasy body butter rich in moisture and lasts all day.

Viva Glam, Lady Gaga Limited Edition - After searching high and low for this I eventually found it in the US.  It's an incredibly versatile shade although it's not very long lasting.

Limited Edition Lip Glass Wonderwoman - Apart from the appealing packaging Mac's lipglass does last all day and this shade definitely adds drama.  Mac's glosses do come sticky but they are definitely worth it.
Would love to hear about your top picks and shall definitely be doing a men's fashion blog soon (I realise this is slighty biased). 



  1. OOh I love top pick posts!! Can I share my favorite for the summer?
    1. Maybelline Great Lash... it's a classic for a reason, coats lashes without clumping, giving that nice wet look to them.
    2. Love, Chloé... smells delicate and so feminine, supposed to scent like old time face powder, so delicate, rosy and vintage.
    3. Bobbi Brown's new concealer stick, good coverup, and so small I can carry it in my coin purse.
    4. Bobbi Brown's Sepia Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner... good
    especially on people like me who like dark eyes but black makes my skin look yellow, so a rich brown which works just as well.
    5. MAC's Lustre Pretty Please lipstick... so pretty in white pink.

    I luurrve girly posts :)

    Can you call your boys posts, 'Dandy and Dapper' :P

  2. Thanks for giving your top picks, I've actually always wanted to buy Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner. I'm a big fan of MAC cosmetics so shall check the Lustre shade out too.

    Top picks have always helped me decipher which products to go for so I'll definitely be doing some more of these in the future.

    Thanks for the men's title suggestion too - I might just be inspired by that.

    Hope you enjoyed reading