Monday, 28 March 2011

Under The Influence!

Working in a creative industry where ideas are assets it's often tricky to ensure creative work keeps well within the boundaries of political correctness and communication policies that many businesses have inherited over time whilst also keeping the message simple, effective and clear without losing sight of the task in hand. 

Personally, I think communication at the best of times is often difficult, we've probably all experienced situations where we literally can't find the words to explain what we mean or how we feel.  One of the reasons why I love advertising is the ability to influence how people think and feel about a brand whilst also ensuring the assets, culture, ethics and often history is also reflected - a great example of this is Cadbury's. 
Take a look at some recently banned adverts which could have been effective and possibly very influential if these considerations were ignored:

                                                               Modern day family planning

                                                                           VW Polo

Canadian 48 sheet
Increasing the awareness of iPod deaths among young adults and children

Body Shop 'Love your body' campaign

Interestingly, I also looked back at some early print ads which are far from being politically correct let alone socially responsible.  These ads may have been influential but were also published at a time where people were powerless and solely relied on communication to help them perceive the world around them.  I actually love how idealistic (ignoring the sexism) these ads are compared to the realism nowadays!

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