Friday, 11 February 2011

Forever 21 Buzz or Confusion!!

I made my first visit to a UK Forever 21 store this week.  Having only visited the store in an upmarket american mall on a few occasions I was eager to see how it compared.  Firstly,  I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of clothes over the huge store which spanned 3 large floors.  There were clothes for as far as the eyes could see and although they were categorised very well by colour, style and theme it all became a little confusing.  I found myself walking in different directions and constantly looking ahead to see what I was missing out on instead of taking a systematic approach and browsing section by section.    

Having worked for various retail clients in the past where my main objectives were to increase footfall, visitor dwell time and promote retailers within a shopping destination had me wondering whether Forever 21 was one of those red herrings which fulfilled these objectives paired with the fact that for the next few months or years visitors would be interacting with the brand for the first time creating an organic buzz - something most retailors now crave for!! 

Personally I found it all a little overwhelming and it probably didn't help that before my visit I was sat in my friends gorgeous vintage boutique for 2 hours browsing through rails of couture.  I did manage to purchase a few items from both places but found the former much more enjoyable - this could very well be reflecting my age and passion for all things vintage.

I'll leave you to browse through some great photo's I found of shoppers in the 60's - have a great weekend.



  1. I love the word vintage, because it refers not so much to second hand clothes but a recreation of another time. For that matter I also love the word 'era'- that's the feel you pick up from the pictures above, feeling of fashion epoch, change, revolution. Nice pictures!

    And I'm really into lace these days, so I have to ask, I have a black lace dress from Zara, vintage, knee length, with elbow length lace sleeves that flare out, but when worn makes me look like I'm going to a funeral. How do I cure that?

  2. The word vintage is interpreted in many ways but for me it's anything pre 1980's, I agree that it does refer to much more than second hand clothing though.

    In response to your lace dress - I would suggest you make a bold statement with shoes - try grey or salmon coloured suede platforms to break the colour and add more texture. Accessorise with bold metallic jewellery to contrast with the delicate and feminine lace.