Thursday, 24 February 2011

Believe in better...

It's been yet another busy week for me; I've started working for my new client, met some more great people and caught up with a few friends who all seem to be unhappy with various aspects of their life mainly because they don't believe nor do they enjoy what they're doing. 

Naturally this made me start thinking about my own situation....

When I decided to become self-employed it was a decision which I'd thought about for years and until I was brave enough to take the first step I would think of lots of reasons why I shouldn't do it; security, what if it all goes wrong?, when will I get paid?, where do I start? what if I fail? etc
...Although these were important considerations, I was ultimately led by what felt right and whether I believed in what I was doing (the answer to both of these questions was yes by the way) I surrounded myself with positive people and everything else seems to have fallen into place. 

I was looking for some fitting images and videos to include with this post and really struggled until I came across this quote which for me summed it all up and made it much more easier.

"What ever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve"  
Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) American speaker and motivational writer.

My idol, inspiration and someone who I've always believed in
A beautifully directed Pepsi Commercial (1992)
Michael Jackson

Jessica Cox: The first pilot with no arms proving you don't need 'wings' to fly

1969 Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon

The youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end racial
segregation, and discrimination using non-violent methods in 1964
Martin Luther King

 Arguably the most inspirational boxer of all time
Mohammed Ali

Only with pure belief would you ever be able to perform like this. 
Edison "Edson" Arantes do Nascimento (better known as Pelé) 

Hope that wasn't too somber for a Thursday evening. 

Happy Friday and have a great weekend.


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  1. Nice! Really does inspire one to look for the silver lining :)